The thawing of US Cuban diplomatic relations and loosening of US trade restrictions, has dramaticallly heightened business interest in Cuba. But how much has really changed?
SPECTRE GRS has created the Cuba Risk Group to answer that question.  We will provide  sophisticated, sober, multidisciplinary risk assessments on the realities of potential business opportunities in Cuba. 
Relying on a team of experts with decades of Cuba business, law, and policy experience, and cutting through the hype, SPECTRE will provide corporate clients with serious risk analysis and insights into all aspects of Cuba business and trade potential, including:
● Historical overviews of prior US business engagement with Cuba, 
● Recent non-US business engagement with Cuba, 
● Prior Cuban attempts at economic reforms,
● Insider understanding of evolving US policy and regulations,
● Continuing international legal issues, 
● Property claims & confiscated properties risks,
● Inside information on Cuba's infrastructure, state-run enterprises & industries, and government decision making,
● Political-economic realities on the island,
● Intelligence-based assessments on political stability, political risk, and future Cuba transition scenarios.
Contact Us for more information on how SPECTRE's Cuba Risk Group can help you properly evaluate and understand the current and future Cuban reality.
“Cuba is one of the final untapped business frontiers in the world. SPECTRE will help you cut through the hype, and evaluate the real risks.”
The SPECTRE Cuba Risk Group consists of several established Cuba experts, with decades of Cuba experience.
These include:
  • SPECTRE CEO, Paul Crespo, former Executive Director of the US-Cuba Business Council, and Editor of The Cuba Report focused on business opportunities in a post-embargo Cuba,
  • Nicolas Gutierrez, Esq., recognized legal expert on the Cuba embargo, OFAC regulations, and Cuba property claims issues,  
  • Jose Azel, Ph.D, MBA, recognized Cuba and political risk expert, Senior Research Associate, Institute for Cuban Studies at the University of Miami.,
  • Ambassador Jim Cason, former Head of the US Interests Section in Havana (former de-facto US Ambassador).